May 8, 2016 / By Ella Stearn

Social Media Tips For Event Population

Got an EPIC event planned? Organised the BEST entertainment in the most AMAZING venue at a great price for attendees? Yet feeling the pressure to sell those tickets? We feel your pain!Getting people to part with their money can be tough- no matter how good the event! We get that, which is why here at BlueMonkey, we work with a lot of event clients on a temporary basis to give their events that little boost. We take the pressure off event populating & helping them to get the number of people attending that they really deserve.

So, three key tips to share with you when promoting an event:

  • Start Early: Allow yourself plenty of time to promote the event. Don’t think you need to wait until all the details are confirmed before you start. It’s more exciting to reveal info slowly & you create a greater hype that way. As soon as the basic info is decided- create an event page on your site and start directing traffic across there, getting those interested to sign-up. The benefit? You’ll create a database of interested people to sell to, before tickets have even become on sale. PLUS: You’ll increase your website traffic. Once they’re already on your site, chances are- they’ll hover across to look at other pages, which is what you want! Be clever, think things through & start well in advance!
  • Get Creative/ Do Something Different: With so much content online & things pouring through on social media, you need to get creative in order to get your event noticed & standing out from the crowd! Here at BlueMonkey, we work on marketing strategies to tie into event promotion. We’ve done everything from card-board pop-ups out in the public to silly selfie competitions to spread the word about the event. Have fun with it! Be imaginative & have social media strategies that work on reflecting the feel of the event. Know your target audience & find creative ways to appeal to them & show them your event is one NOT to miss!
  • Be Consistent, Be Persistent- It can always be a challenge finding a balance between shouting about your event, effectively spreading the word vs. just driving people crazy with your constant pushing! The key is to find different things to talk about and keep tying it back in with your event in the most engaging way. You want shareable posts that create talkability and should always plan a strategy around this prior to it.

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