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Not yet utilising the full potential of social media? Putting the time into it, but maybe not getting the desired results back/ a genuine return? Or maybe you want to take things to the next level: focusing on using it for sales and growth, yet are unsure where to start? 

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Working one-on-one with business owners & sales teams, we tackle all of this and more. Offering a variety of full day and half day training programmes, we teach you everything that we know- so that you can apply it specifically to your business to get the results you really want and need too. Cost-effective, goal orientated and highly focused. See the transformation…

  • How to establish & grow your business using social media
  • An intro to the essentials of each social network, how to utilise & which is best for you
  • Creation of a 3-6 month strategy plan focusing on ROI & sales
  • Content, reach & engagement masterclass to get to you to the next level
  • How to cultivate, capture & convert with techniques & insights
  • Budget-friendly strategies, without the requirement for paid ads
  • How to use social media to take your business to the next level
  • Creation of a targeted 3-6 month growth strategy plan
  • How to become an Influencer & Industry Expert within your field
  • Unique marketing message templates for lead generation & sales, specifically crafted for your business
  • How to cultivate, capture & convert: putting you above your competition
  • Innovative campaign creation across all networks, for mass conversion


Tell us your pain points/ problems, tell us your goals: we’ll create a bespoke training & strategy plan specific for you, enabling you to get to where you want to be.





  • How to authentically grow your networks with your target audience
  • Create a unique lead magnet to attract, engage & capture
  • Convert leads into sales and repeat business, using social media
  • Personal branding (for Sales Teams/ Founders) & relationship building
  • Marketing message templates, timescales & essential techniques
  • Ongoing lead generation & sales strategy plan for overall business growth

Greg Lloyd, Business Development Manager, Aurora Graphics & Displays Ltd:

“As Business Development Manager, I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to bring in business. Since working with BlueMonkey, their social media management and blogging has dramatically increased our website traffic and because it’s been our target audience they’ve been focusing on- it has resulted in more enquiries through our site. We also received Linkedin training for our sales team, which has helped us to develop better relationships with prospects and again, led to more business. Ella has taught us all the ‘tricks’ in the book and shown us new ways of doing things. Highly recommend BlueMonkey and their services. A very creative agency, full of ideas!”

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